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PaperQuilling WebRing

This is the homepage for the PaperQuilling WebRing.  A webring designed to build an on-line community of Quillers and link together web sites that are devoted to the art of Paper Quilling.

Do you have a web site you own or maintain that pertains to Paper Quilling?  Is your web site a showcase for the designs and patterns that you have created? 

The PaperQuilling WebRing is open to anyone who shares a fascination and love for paper quilling.   If you have created a web site that features and/or sells paper quilling cards, items, designs, patterns, instructions, or any topic regarding paper quilling, you are encouraged to join. Personal pages, commercial sites, and guilds are more then welcome to join the PaperQuilling WebRing. All you have to do is ensure that you comply with the requirements indicated below.


The requirements for joining this webring are very simple and straightforward -

  1. Your site must be "family-friendly". No adult or illegal content should be present on your site or in linked sites
  2. Your submitted site must pertain primarily to Paper Quilling
  3. You must display the webring HTML fragment code on  the majority of your site pages (preferably in the footer of your pages)
  4. Your submitted site must be free of intrusive pop-up ads, spyware and malware

Existing Ring Members - Login to make changes to your site url, contact information or site description

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New Ring Members - Create an Ring Member Account and submit your site for membership in the PaperQuilling Webring


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After you submit your site for new membership in the PaperQuilling Webring, you will receive an e-mail containing the "HTML Code fragment" customized for your website.  You must copy this code to position the PaperQuilling WebRing navigation panel on your website pages. (See the example below.) Your site will not be activated in the PaperQuilling WebRing without the correct HTML fragment being present and detected through the WebRing Admin Code Check.

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The above Navigation Panel is an example only -  live html webring code is located at the bottom of this page and all other pages on the website.

The WebRing code should be added to your website within 10 days from the date you receive it.  If after 10 days the code has still not been added to your site webpages you will receive a reminder email.   If after 14 days the code has still not been added to your site webpages your application will be cancelled and you will have to reapply if you still wish to join.   If you are having difficulty adding the code please contact the WebRing Administrator for guidance.

After your site is activated please ensure that any changes made to your site that may affect the navigation of the ring are regularly updated .  Also if your site will be unavailable for a period of time please email the RingMaster to request your site status be temporarily changed to Inactive. Once your site is available again, just email the RingMaster to request your site be reactivated.

The Ring will be scanned once a week by the RingMaster.  If your site is found to have broken the WebRing, it will be temporarily changed to inactive status until the navigation problem is resolved.  Your Webmaster will be informed by email of the problem and asked to notify the RingMaster when it is resolved so your site can be added back into the Ring.  Please ensure your site contact information is kept up-to-date otherwise you will not know that your site has been temporarily deactivated from the Ring.  If you decide you want to remove your site from the WebRing simply delete the WebRing code and email the RingMaster with a request to remove your site.