Some Comments from our Customers

Again thanks for all the assistance and advice. You provide remarkable service, I am so glad I have found you. -- Jane

It is such a pleasure dealing with you, you have absolutely no idea...........THANK YOU!!!! -- Betty

Thank you very much for the refund on shipping charges! Your honesty and kindness are greatly appreciated. -- Lynne

I just wanted to thank you for the incredibly speedy delivery of my items. I have been quilling all afternoon and love the forest buddies kit. Thanks again. I will certainly keeping you in mind for all my quilling needs as my local Michaels doesn't carry any items anymore.  --  Jane

Hi! I just received my order, that was really fast! I will definitely order from you again! Thanks so much!  -- Sarah

your products are excellent quality! --  Ellen

Thank  you for your assistance today and for the patterns.  I will certainly let you know how my students fare.  I may take up this art form as a hobby myself - who knows?  -- Jackie

I'm really excited with my new toys and try a new craft. Thanks.-- Sandra

Great Service.  Can’t wait for the order and will definitely use this site again. --  Muriel

I am looking forward to many more quilling supply orders in the future. Thanks, -- Karen

again thanks for being around and about to supply us with supplies! -- Fran

I'm back again for another order of paper.  Thanks so much -- Betty

I just received my order - Thank You Bundles (I love your site!) -- Kelsey

What a wonderful surprise when the items I ordered 2 days ago arrived in my mailbox today. Thank-you so much for your efficient filling of my order. The only drawback is that I will have to drag myself away from trying out my new fringer and snowflake patterns to get some sleep! It's a good thing school break starts tomorrow. -- Terry

Wow! I was so happy to find a Canadian site! -- Andrea

My order arrived in good time and I am having so much fun with it.  Thank you for being so prompt with your sending of it -- Linda

My order arrived late last week and I have already used the quilling board a couple of times.  It is just what I was looking for.  Thanks again. -- Jan

i recieved my order. thank you. i will be ordering some more paper soon. -- jennifer

Just wanted to let you know that I got the order and everything seems great. Thank you for shipping so quickly, especially with the current postal situation. Much appreciated. -- Lynne

My mother received the quilling board and is quite happy with it.  Thank you for your prompt service. -- Dalena

Received package  yesterday in good order.  Will be sending it on to my sister in England & I'm sure you will be hearing from us again.  Thanks again -- Adrienne

I received my order and wanted to thank you for everything. Ordering again soon, until then take care and thanks again, -- Linda

I received my paper today.  Thank you!  -- Jennifer

Just letting you I got my order, and I just love some of the colour's....I've never had the raspberry, magenta or the copper  before, and I love those colour's. -- Betty

I  received my order with the fine tip glue tops & bottles, they are just what I and my friends were looking for when we quill & glue, excellent product, Thank You very much, -- Kay

I'm looking forward to learning this technique.  Hopefully all goes well.  If it does, I'm sure I will be a frequent customer.  Thanks very much for your prompt shipment.-- Susan

Recieved paper today, in perfect condition. Thanks!  -- Jen

Thanks so much for the wonderful service on my order. I truly appreciate it.  I was so happy to find a store in Canada for my quilling supplies. I had given away my Quilling items many years ago to my daughter. She had the time, while I did not.  I now purchase a lot as I am now teaching basic quilling and have the time to do it myself.  Looking forward to doing business with you over the year.  Thanks so much, -- Brooke

Thanks, appreciate your service still being available to us in the snowy West.!! -- Fran

I got my order today. Thank you so much. -- Gail

I wanted to let you know my order has arrived safely - about 3 weeks - took much less time than i expected to ship from Canada to England.  thank you so much -- Sue

My order arrived today -   Thank you!  -- TOMOMI

I got my order today.  So fast!  Thanks.  -- Jennifer

I'm just a beginner but am happy to see I can purchase my paper from a Canadian shop. Thanks and looking forward to doing business with you again in the future,  -- Claire

I couldn't believe I had found a supplier of quilling products so close to home. I asked at Michaels for quilling supplies and they didn't know what I was talking about. If you should be in Moncton on Saturdays please drop by the Moncton Farmers Market and say hello, I'd really love to meet you and talk about quilling. -- Phyllis

Thanks for your great service, Deb!!It is rather difficult to find suppliers in the West!!  -- Fran

I am so impressed by the fast service I got with my last order. I need more! -- Barbie

Happy to have found all my supplies in Canada! -- Catherine

I just wanted to let you know the Quilling Paper arrived today and is just gorgeous. Thank you so much. Will be shopping with you again soon. -- Sammy

This morning's mail has arrived and my order was in it. Everything looks great! Thanks so much for your help. -- Sharon

Thank you for your great service my supplies arrived ahead of the scheduled date. I will surely be purchasing more supplies from you in the future. -- Teri

I got the quill paper in the mail yesterday and it's what I was looking for, thank you so much for sending it to me so quickly. -- Tracey

Thanks for the quick service, I'll be back! --  Carolyn

I received my order yesterday and since I have no self control I was up far to late playing with my new toys.  Thank you so much for your prompt service. -- Linda

I have received my order by mail today. It was my first purchase from your store and won't be the last. I am a really satisfied customer. -- Marie

Just wanted you to know that my order arrived today, very quick service. I love the color green, and the quality of the paper is lovely.  You will be hearing from me again soon. -- Val

I'm impressed!!! I ordered on Sat. and received the order on Wed. That's unheard of and that's fantastic service. Thank you so much. -- Judy

I am a beginner in quilling and having no one around me for encouragement,lack of supplies, I have not done much quilling over the past few years. I live in Ontario and the few choices I had for supplies, Michaels being one of them, no longer carry anything except very basic paper strips, thus my losing interest in the hobby. Ordering from the states is expensive, the product ends up costing twice what you paid the supplier for, which you became painfully aware of. I do love the beauty of quilling and glad to be able to renew my interest now that I have found a Canadian supplier. Thanks again, I am glad I "googled" upon you. -- Teresa

I just wanted you to know that my package of supplies arrived safe and sound. Take care, -- Sharon

I wanted to let you know I received my order and I'm very happy with it.  Thank you.  I will be ordering some more paper from you soon. Thanks again! -- Sara

thank you for helping us canadians have access to quality quilling supplies!!!!  -- Diane

I was looking for a store where I can come back to on a regular basis. I was thrilled to find your store, thank you.  -- Sammy

I received my shipment the other day--I am very happy with my purchase. -- Ashaw

I just had to drop a line to thank you!!I am thrilled that my order got to me so fast and the products are fantastic!!!! You are deffinety on my to keep list!!!  Thank you again!! -- Vicki

Thank you for sending my order promptly. I received the parcel today. -- Mari

Hi Deborah, I just got my order.  Thanks so much it arrived safe and sound and in record time.  It's good to know there's a place in Canada to get quality quilling supplies, at reasonable prices, and the delivery is super quick.  I'll be recommending your website to my students..  thanks again -- Debbie

I am excited to have found a Canadian site to order quilling supplies. I will pass this along to a group of fellow crafters. -- Vicki

Thanks again, Deb, for being here for those of us who need 'stuff'. -- Fran

Thanks Deborah for getting my order out so quickly, really appreciate that kind of service - regards,  -- M.L.

Thank you so much! I have heard that you have a great reputation from the others on the yahoo group (NAQG I think).  You have my business from here on out! Plus it is soooo nice to have someone Canadian stock so much in the way of quilling supplies. Thank you again, -- Barbie

Yahoo!! I am so happy there is a Canadian Online store with this much stock. -- Sheri

a big thank you for shipping so quickly. My quilling students have also been telling me what wonderful service you have provided them. They are very pleased with their products and the selection of items. -- Deb


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