Cardmaking Spotlight: Little Books

Have you ever needed a Card for a special occasion but had no time to make one? Little Books to the rescue!

Each Little Book has either 144 or 150 pages of a specific theme. Some even contain several pages of sentiments to add a perfect finish to your cards.

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For a quick card, simply add a page from a Little Book onto front of a cardblank with doublesided tape.

Quick and Easy!

You can alternatively put piece of patterned paper on cardblank for background, and then add a page from a Little Book on top to add some layering to the card

The Little Books are also perfect for decoupage, as you get 6 pages of each design. Use one sheet for base layer and cut decreasing smaller images from another 2 or three sheets to add layers to the base using foam pads.

Or you can use for adding background or layers to cards

There are many other uses for these Little Books - just use your imagination.

Picture above shows Little Book pages used to decorate a custom made box

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These Little Books are great for cards, backgrounds, decoupage and also scrapbooking.
Posted November 21, 2022
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