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My name is Deborah Hartin and I currently live in Kingston, New Brunswick.  I started quilling in 2004, and in the beginning I found it extremely difficult to find quilling supplies locally so had no choice but to order from across the border.  Most of the time the supplies arrived within 4-6 weeks after being processed through Canadian Customs by Canada Post with Customs Charges of $5 plus HST on value of goods.  But several times my orders got processed through Canadian Customs by independant brokers which resulted in Customs Charges in one case of $65 plus HST on an order valued at $109Cdn.  As you can image I was not too happy about those shipments.

I started talking to other quillers both locally and from other parts of Canada and learned they had all experienced a similar shock at one time.  But with limited supplies available either locally or on canadian craft sites which carried some quilling supplies there wasn't any other option

So in 2006 I decided to fill this gap by opening my online store, but wanted to make sure I catered to all Canadian Quillers - both novice and experienced. And I also wanted to ensure I offered the widest selection of quilling supplies available by stocking from all three U.S. suppliers (Lake City, Paplin, Quilled Creations) thus offering more choice both in color range and price.  

So that is the story of how PaperQuilling.ca came to be.  At the current time PaperQuilling.ca is exclusively an "On-line" store - but I hope to expand to a Store Front / Classroom at some time in the future.  Thank you for visiting and please stop by again.

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